Haemorrhoid Surgery – Exploring Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy in Singapore

Haemorrhoids are often referred to as piles and are a common issue affecting many people throughout Singapore. This leads to swollen veins around the anus and rectum causing discomfort, bleeding, and itching. Fortunately, there are effective treatments available and the stapled haemorrhoidectomy has garnered popularity for its several benefits.

Haemorrhoidectomy in Singapore

Stapled haemorrhoidectomy procedure offers significant advantages over traditional haemorrhoidectomy methods. Please check the post and understand why stapled haemorrhoidectomy might be the right choice for you:

Less Pain – One of the most significant reasons behind choosing stapled haemorrhoidectomy is less pain after surgery. This treatment involves using a circular stapler to remove and reposition the excess haemorrhoidal tissue, reducing trauma to surrounding nerves and tissues. After the haemorrhoid surgery, there will be less pain and discomfort during recovery so you will return to your daily activities sooner.

Faster Recovery – Traditional haemorrhoidectomy often includes the dissection of extensive tissue that leads to a much longer and more uncomfortable recovery. On the other hand, stapled haemorrhoidectomy preserves healthy tissue. Hence, the healing will be much faster and you will get back to work and normal daily activities within a shorter period.

Shorter Hospital Stay Duration – With reduced pain, hospital stays become typically shorter as compared to traditional methods. It can be a significant advantage as it allows you to recover in the comfort of your own home much sooner.

Less Bleeding – The stapler device used in this treatment reduces blood loss during surgery. This can be particularly effective for patients who might be concerned about bleeding risks.

Improved Continence – Traditional haemorrhoidectomy can sometimes affect the anal sphincter muscles which can cause potential incontinence issues. The stapled haemorrhoidectomy treatment reduces this risk while helping to maintain normal bowel control.

Compared to Traditional Haemorrhoidectomy –Traditional haemorrhoidectomy includes surgical removal of haemorrhoidal tissue by using a scalpel. Even if it’s effective, it can be more painful and can lead to a longer recovery time. Stapled haemorrhoidectomy offers significant benefits in terms of pain management, recovery speed, and rate of complications.

Understanding the Best Candidate for Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy –

Stapled haemorrhoidectomy is the right treatment option for patients with internal haemorrhoids, especially grades III, and IV. Feel free to consult with a qualified colorectal surgeon in Singapore and determine whether stapled haemorrhoidectomy is the right choice for your specific case.

Finding the Right Surgeon in Singapore – There is a wide array of highly skilled and experienced colorectal surgeons in Singapore specialising in stapled haemorrhoidectomy. When choosing a surgeon, consider their qualifications, experience with the procedure, and their patient reviews. Discuss your specific concerns and expectations with the doctor so that you feel comfortable and confident with your chosen treatment plan.

Conclusion – Haemorrhoids can be a troublesome health condition, but stapled haemorrhoidectomy offers a minimally invasive and effective treatment option. With its benefits in reducing pain, lessening recovery time, and complications, stapled haemorrhoidectomy might be the right solution for you. Take a consultation with a qualified colorectal surgeon in Singapore for a successful and comfortable recovery from haemorrhoids.